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Three Red Foxes on a Gray Day, One Art, April 29,2024 -

NASA Image Shows “Ghostly Cosmic Hand, October 31, 2023, POETiCA REViEW, Winter 2023/2024

The Middle, "About Time" (Red Penguin)

Microchimerism, Milk Art Journal, Vol. 2, Body & Belonging

Ode to Waze - Poetry Breakfast

Milton Avery, Tree and Mountain - The Curator

Haibun After a Tornado in Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Stories

"Two Girls From Queens Go To Manhattan" - Panoply Zine

"Mother-in-Law" and "My Mother’s Pessary" - One Art

"Letter to Marianas Trench" - Seaborne

"World View" - damselfly

"Salty Ghazal" - Book of Matches 

"Shelter in a Place" - Ghost City Press 

"Weekend with Aunt Jean" - Thimble

"Carotenoid" - Psaltery & Lyre

"Lancaster County Pastoral In the Night" - Soul-Lit

"The End of the Visit" - Beautiful Cadaver

"Venus" - Quill's Edge 50/50

"Bird Language: A Love Poem" - Evansville Review

"Lost" - Schuylkill Valley Journal

"Kirtan Wallah" - Apiary 5

"Write About" - Quill's Edge 50/50

"On A Particular Day" - Terra Preta

“We lived in many houses.” - Mantis

"The Human Voice: A Pantoum" - Soul-Lit

"Senior Citizens at the Retirement Center Discuss John Ashbery’s 'More Reluctant'" - Cahoodaloodaling

"Whether the bird" - Blast Furnace

"Home is where, Shawnee Mountain meditation" - Sprout

"Time Signature, Working Late" When Women Waken

"Holy Sonnet, Milk Lets, Still Here" - MOON Magazine 

Philadelphia Inquirer Poetry Contest Honorable Mention “Star Dust” April 2012,

"Seascape" -  Wild River Review

"In the wine red café, Lake George by O’Keefe, Quiet Edges" - In Gilded Frame

"Written on the Palm of my Hand" - Three Minus One

"On Viewing 'Behold the Child' By Medardo Rosso" - Musehouse Journal 



"We Marry We Bury We Sing or We Weep," Runner-Up Moonstone Arts Chapbook Contest 2021

Seascape – Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train’s Short Story Contest for New Writers, 2006

Star Dust, Philadelphia Inquirer Poetry Contest Honorable Mention April 2012,


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